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Family & Children Magic Packages

Up Close & Personal Magic

Up Close
All kids delight in the amazement of magic that is performed right before their eyes. J is a superb child’s entertainer and educator whose up close and personal performance for young people uses coins, cards and a variety of tools to teach the lessons of wonder and inquisitiveness. His personal performance with individuals or groups is always positive and uplifting, embodying a wholesome, educational and fun interpretation of the world about us.

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Magic for Young Minds

Young Minds
J presents a traditional 30-minute small stage show designed just for young people. Using acts of illusion and manipulation, including a live rabbit, J involves his entire audience in the show, making them part of the performance. The motivational show is entitled “Try, Try Again,” embodying the virtue of believing in yourself. All that is required is a small performance area and an electrical outlet.

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Inspirational Family Magic

This is an interactive and highly entertaining 40-minute show for the whole family. The audience will be included in a performance that appears to defy the laws of nature and gravity. A child will become the magician and make a live rabbit appear. An audience member will float on a magic carpet three feet in the air with viewings from all sides. A fun and dramatic presentation, young people are encouraged to use the power of their minds to assist with the outcome. As always, the show is highly inspirational and positive in its outlook.

All that is required is a 10×10 space and a power outlet. The show is presented either with or without sound equipment, lighting, a professional back drop and technical support.

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Birthdays / Special Event Magic

These are designed to promote the idea that “If you believe in yourself, everything is possible.” J invites the birthday/special event child to become the magician and they make a magic rabbit appear right in front of their friends. At the end of the show, J spends time with the audience answering questions and petting the bunny.

J offers both a 30-minute show, as well as a 40-minute show that includes the special child floating 3 feet in the air on a magic carpet, with showings from all sides.

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