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I didn’t see any room for improvement but maybe that was an illusion!!

— Wendy Watkins

An excellent program, you made our party extra special with your interaction and humor.

— Gerry Herron, President Lion Club

I am proud to say that we had a homegrown talent of this caliber in our midst!

— Rod Manley, Owner, Best Best Best Best Best Carpet

J’s magic is out of this world. I was reluctant about using a magician for such a high end event. You blew everyone away. Every single person at the event made it a point of commenting on your performance. You are professional, respectful and absolutely amazing with your magic. These celebrities have been treated to the best entertainment has to offer and you were right up there with the Hollywood stars. You are in for every event we ever do. Thank you so much for making this wine and cheese a spectacular success. What impressed me most is how you so freely gave of yourself after the clock and spent time with the kids in the hotel lobby.
What integrity and heart.

— Savannah Ross

Excellent, Friendly, Professional!

— Bradley Brown