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Very Professional, personable. Good Performance. Arrived on time and set up with little difficulty.

— Susan McNabb, Open Solutions, Office Christmas Party

Jason adds a wonderful flair to any event for all ages and audiences. We like how comfortable people are interacting with him as he mingles with the crowd and continues to amaze them. Jason is very talented, professional, personable and a great addition to any event!

— Twila Del Fatti, Health & Lifestyle Trade Show

The residents really enjoyed themselves and were laughing the whole time. It is a very interactive show.

— Julianne Arbour, Event Coordinator, Princess Gardens

When Jason started I knew right away he would be amazing. The way he spoke and getting us involved, a real pro, we were constantly laughing. Hiring Jason you can’t go wrong, your party will be a Blast!

— Robert Hager, Adult Birthday

Excellent, entertaining, fun and magical , also very professional. Thanks again Jason, you were amazing.

— Donna Barry, Fund Raising Coordinator, Colours of Hope